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Please fill out & print the order form on your PC! Then simply mail to VISASTAR, Friedrichstr. 95, 10117 Berlin or scan and send as .pdf or .jpeg file to

What do we require from you?

The completely filled out order form. (English Version)

Note! Every embassy, every consulate has its own individual guidelines. Therefore, it makes sense to use our first-class document service. Please contact us!

Please fill out & print the order form-Order form on your PC!

Then simply send it by mail to VISASTAR, Friedrichstr. 95, 10117 Berlin or scan it and send it as .pdf or .jpeg file to

Step by step to certification

Necessary documents for the embassy

  1. Copy of the invoice(s)
  2. Copy of the certificate of origin
  3. Copies of all other documents
  4. Copies of the fee transfers, if any

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Step by step to legalization

  1. The pre-certified documents. (Notary, district courts or IHK./ The embassies sometimes require different pre-certifications). If you wish, we can also do the pre-certifications for you. Notarial and district court pre-certifications can be done in an express procedure, if possible. Legalization at the Federal Office of Administration (BVA) is also done by express procedure.
  2. Simply download the order form, fill it out and send it back. (by mail or e-mail)
  3. Send us all (pre-certified) documents by mail. Also the order form, if you have not already sent it to us in advance by mail. VISASTAR, Friedrichstr. 95, 10117 Berlin, Germany
  4. Upon receipt of the documents we will inform you about the amount of the embassy fees (for commercial invoices) as these are not fixed and depend on the exchange rate. (depending on the respective consulate)
  5. We advance the embassy fees and handle everything with the embassies/consulates.
  6. You will receive status notifications of the processing and have the documents certified on your desk in a few days. Afterwards you will receive an invoice for the embassy fees and the services of VISA Star.